Higginson Tower under the careful watch of Ben Tremblay

The Review– May 19, 2011
by Lianne Lahaie

Ben Tremblay

If you’re planning to visit the Higginson Tower this summer, chances are you will meet Ben Tremblay.

Tremblay, who is currently in his second year at the University of Toronto, will be responsible for overseeing the running and general maintenance of the tower, in addition to planning and running events at the historic structure this summer.

“I am happy to be here,” said Tremblay, who is no stranger to the region, having lived in the Hawkesbury area for about 10 years. “This job really interests me and I am looking forward to meeting the people who want to come and experience the tower.”

Tremblay said he has an interest in local history and remembers taking part in a dig at the tower when he was in elementary school.

“I believe the dig was taking place at the time they were looking at restoring the tower and I found the whole process really fascinating,” he recalled. “It’s really great to be back and working here for the summer.”

Among his many responsibilities, Tremblay will be giving tours of the tower, maintaining the grounds, managing the audio guide inside the tower and organizing events, such as the children’s program that is planned for later this summer.

“We have a lot of cool stuff in the works and I am pretty excited about it,” Tremblay commented. “The goal is to promote the tower and make it more visible in the community. It’s a really great part of our local history and we want people to know more about it.”

Tremblay said the tower will be open for tours during this weekend’s annual May Show Festival, which runs from Saturday, May 21 to Monday, May 23. It will be open seven days a week this summer.

“It’s going to be a really interesting summer and I am looking forward to it,” Tremblay concluded.
Thursday, May 19, 2011

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