A Small Good Thing

A Small Good Thing

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Just for the ladies . . . a fun evening of freedom to do just as you like!

FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2012 at the Vankleek Hill Community Centre 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

SMALL GOOD THINGS to tempt you!
PLUS: a SMALL GOOD TALK on how to recognize
the SMALL GOOD THINGS in everyday life!

Admission: $15 means you receive:
• A complimentary cranberry beverage
• Three food vouchers for appetizers or treats!
• There will be lots of food to sample, so come and enjoy!
ALSO: Prizes given out every half hour!!
ALSO: A table of cheese, crackers and fruit for your all-you-can-eat grazing pleasure!

ALSO: Check out our community jewellery table and find a treasure for $5 or $3 . . .

If you have pieces in your jewellery box that you are tired of, give them new life!
Bring them to The Review by March 29 and they will be for sale on the community jewellery table; these funds will be donated to the summer programming at the Higginson Tower for NEW VANKLEEK HILL ACTIVITIES IN 2012
— yet another small good thing you can do to help our community!

A SMALL GOOD THING is a fundraiser to employ a a local student this summer at the Higginson Tower, so come have fun and know that you are doing a small good thing!

Featuring appetizers and treats from 11 LOCAL fine food specialists!

PLUS: 13 of our LOCAL businesses and artisans offering  stuff to try, stuff to taste and stuff to buy!

For more information call 613.678.3327 or visit www.vankleekhill.ca.

With support from: Scotiabank is matching funds raised at this event to a maximum of $5,000 as part of the Team Scotia Community Program.

Sponsored by The Review to support The Higginson Tower summer programming.