December 15, 2010

Commemorative stamp to be launched in Vankleek Hill this Friday

VANKLEEK HILL – Certain items in the mail stream will have a unique Vankleek Hill postmark in the near future.
Canada Post announced last week it had created a new unique philatelic cancellation to commemorate the historical Higginson Tower, a well-known heritage building in Vankleek Hill.
“This historic building is part of our heritage and we are proud to commemorate the Higginson Tower, built in the early 1800s,” said Vankleek Hill postmaster Yves Lacombe.
The Higginson Tower is located close to St. John the Apostle Anglican Church. The ruins were once owned by Phil Arber, but Arber donated the tower ruins and the land it is on to Champlain Township about five years ago when a citizens’ committee was formed to restore the tower to its circa-1900 use as an observatory. The stone tower, originally housing a wind-powered grist mill,  was built by Lieutenant Thomas Higginson in 1832.
Those interested in having their envelopes postmarked with this unique memento are invited to drop by the Vankleek Hill post office, at 35 Main Street, on Friday, December 17 from 1 to 3 p.m.

To have the commemorative stamp image on your own envelopes, use the following procedure: Place a stamp on each one of your envelopes.
– Don’t forget to include the name and address of the receiver.
– Include a pre-stamped return envelope addressed to you so that Canada Post can return your souvenir envelope with the special cancellation.
– Insert your souvenir envelope (s) and your return envelope in a third envelope and mail to Canada Post at 35 Main Street, Vankleek Hill, Ontario, K0B 1R0.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010